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 The Cofounders

The Cofounders of Eye Help Animals, LLC

Eye Help Animals, LLC is the creation of two people who share a common goal:
saving wildlife and wild places for the enjoyment of our own and future generations.

The husband and wife team of Jim Fontaine and DJ Geribo have each contributed countless hours in order to bring the message of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation to the world.  By combining their individual talents — DJ's artistic ability and Jim's knowledge of internet technology — with their shared passion for animal welfare they hope to make a significant and lasting impact to ensure that future generations will enjoy the same abundance and diversity of wildlife that they have had the opportunity to observe, appreciate, conserve, and protect.

Jim's company, Positively Creative Solutions, provides complete website design services and business consulting to medium, small, and micro-enterprise businesses.

For more information, you may visit his firm's website at www.PCSWebDesign.com

DJ is a professional artist. Her favorite painting subjects are, of course, wildlife, animals, and landscapes. She also donates 10% of her profits to animal related charities.

To see more of her fine art, you may visit her website at www.DJGeribo.com

DJ Geribo and Jim Fontaine, cofounders of Eye Help Animals, LLC

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