Eye Help Animals and Defenders of Wildlife


ALTON, NH, January 13, 2010: Eye Help Animals, LLC and Defenders of Wildlife have signed a Memorandum of Agreement and License Agreement that facilitates Eye Help Animals’ contributions to Defenders in support of their efforts to save and protect African lions.

Defenders’ African lion campaign, which addresses the poisoning of lions with carbofuran, a potent neurotoxin manufactured but banned from use in the U.S. by the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), spurred Eye Help Animals’ cofounders to contact Defenders of Wildlife. Carbofuran, a product that the EPA says is too toxic for use in the U.S. is threatening the last wild lions of the African plains with extinction. “Just a handful of carbofuran can kill an entire pride of lions,” said Bob Irvin, Senior Vice President of Conservation Policy for Defenders of Wildlife. “Sadly, this awful poison can still be legally imported in to Kenya and other neighboring countries.” Eye Help Animals LLC has committed to donating 10% of the retail price from sales of their African Lion Wildlife Eye Collectible Pins and a specially created “NO CARBOFURAN” campaign pin to Defenders under the terms of the agreement. Eye Help Animals will receive a link from the Defenders Marketplace to its website to promote sales of the pins.

About Eye Help Animals
Founded in 2008 by Jim Fontaine, owner of Positively Creative Solutions, LLC and his wife, professional artist DJ Geribo by combining their individual talents with their shared passion for saving wildlife, Eye Help Animals donates 25% of its profits to a growing list of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation organizations around the world. The cofounders are active in multiple community organizations and have been long-time supporters of wildlife conservation. For more information, you may visit their website: www.EyeHelpAnimals.com

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