Earth Day’s 40th

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. DJ and I had much to celebrate but we know there’s still so much that needs to be done.

We happened to watch a television program on our local PBS station titled “Earth Days” and realized that it is people just like us who will ultimately succeed in creating the world we want to live in.  It was strikingly obvious in the program that every U.S. President since the mid sixties has talked about the need for environmental policies, but the record shows that it’s usually individuals and small groups of concerned citizens who are the driving force behind adopting and strengthening our environmental laws.

The recent international conference in Copenhagen demonstrates that governments are almost powerless to effect any real change because they can not agree on what needs to be done in any meaningful way.  However, concerned individuals – regardless of their nationality – can take action now and not wait for any international consensus.

DJ and I do everything we can to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We care for the land we are fortunate enough to own and do everything possible to protect and minimize our impact on the local wildlife that shares our land with us.  And, we do our best to inspire others and look for ways to raise their awareness of the impact their decisions have on our planet’s wildlife and habitat.  We realize that not everyone agrees with our personal philosophy and that’s OK.  We believe there are many who do share our vision for living a life that’s in harmony with nature instead of living a life that’s disconnected from nature.

And, it’s people like this that play a large part in how we are…

"Saving Wildlife Together"!

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