Styrofoam By Any Other Name is a Carcinogen!

Just say, No styrofoam please.Benzene, a known carcinogen, is converted to styrene and then injected with gases that make it a “foam” product. Don’t be fooled by the name, there is nothing foam-like about it, which makes it sound like it will just melt away. Quite the opposite is true of Styrofoam – it is completely non-biodegradable. Five hundred years from now the Styrofoam coffee cup that you had your daily coffee in will still be here.

Styrofoam is deadly to marine life – it floats on the top of water and sea turtles, mistaking it for food, consume the pieces. The buoyancy of the Styrofoam keeps the turtles from diving for food and they end up starving to death.

When you get take out or coffee or other food items from restaurants, ask for paper cups or plates. Let the restaurant know about the dangers of Styrofoam to our planet.

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