Don’t Poison the Owl!

Have you ever used rat poison to get rid of a rodent problem, even as a last resort? I have and I will never use it again, thanks to an article I read on entitled “An Owl’s death in Ridgefield Park points up dangers of rat poison”. Not only are owls dying at a staggering rate, but hawks and all other wildlife that rely on rodents as part of their diet are being poisoned. Trapping is probably your safest and best option, so let’s save these beautiful birds together!

-OC Natalie Kelley

Great Horned Owl Eye Wildlife Collectible Pin
This beautiful wildlife collectible pin features the artwork of professional artist DJ Geribo. Depicted is the eye of the Great Horned Owl. Wear this pin with pride and know that you are helping to save the Great Horned Owl! 25% of the profits on every item we sell helps save wildlife and protect habitat. See Our Mission Statement to find out more.
Price: $4.95

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