NatGeo’s 125th Anniversary – Sharing Hope for Animals

Again, National Geographic magazine came to my aid when looking for a blog to post. The latest issue, October 2013, is their 125th Anniversary Collector’s Edition and it is called “The Photo Issue”.

The magazine, a keeper, is filled with amazing photos, which is something that NatGeo has been famous for over the many years that it has been in publication.

Of course, there was an article with photos of animals.  The word ‘Protect’ was prominently displayed throughout and the quote from one of the authors that may become a prediction of the future fate of wildlife “Zoos are the last refuge against a rising tide of extinction.”

In the past we’ve had EHA supporters comment about our collaboration with Zoo Atlanta and the fact that we were looking to develop similar partnerships. They saw it as a negative collaboration and thought we should not align ourselves with establishments that put animals behind bars. What I have found through my education during the years since we founded Eye Help Animals is the truth in what the above quote is saying. There are species of animals that are so close to becoming endangered that zoos may be their protector, their last hope against extinction and the only place that many species of animals will be found.

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