Victory! Thank Emirates Airline for Banning Hunting Trophies


Help Save Endangered Elephants

We all seem to take time when we have a complaint to make to a company about a product, etc. But it is a good idea to also take a few minutes to thank a company when they step up and do the right thing. And one of those companies is Emirates Airline, who, effective immediately, banned the transport of any hunting trophies on flight, which includes animals that ‘aren’t currently threatened with extinction.’

It further said, “This decision is to support international governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, that are managing wildlife population towards sustaining the task to eliminate illegal trade and transportation of hunting trophies worldwide and saving wildlife heritage.”

‘This announcement comes just weeks after South American Airlines (SAA) announced it would no longer transport trophies from rhinos, elephants, lions, and tigers in an effort to protect wildlife being targeted by sport hunters and the illegal wildlife trade.’  (SAA is another airline who definitely deserves to be thanked for taking the lead in this major decision.)

Of all the airlines in the US, Delta is the only one that has direct flights to South Africa, where many trophy hunters head for illegal killing of endangered animals such as the rhino, elephants, lions, and tigers. Show your support to the airlines that want to protect the endangered animals. And now write those letters of complaint to Delta to get them to make the change, too.


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