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Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild-My Weekly Dose of Hope

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Every Saturday morning, especially during the winter months when I’m typically home on a weekend morning, I turn the TV on to watch Jack Hanna’s “Wild Kingdom” program. It has become my weekly dose of hope and encourages me to keep going when I see all the places he visits around the world where people are committed and dedicated to saving the lives of animals. I happened to catch it this morning and Jack was doing a countdown of his favorite “Zoo-tastic Adventures”.  Although the zoo where he works, the Columbus zoo, did come in second, his #1 pick was the Singapore zoo where there were baby white rhinos rubbed down with mud and the staff were walking orangutans around the park. Jack was so impressed and amazed by this beautiful zoo. I’m so impressed by and a huge fan of Jack Hanna!!!

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