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Orangutans Discovered in Borneo

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

A previously unknown population of 200 rare and endangered orangutans was spotted in Batang Park in Borneo.

All of the subspecies of Bornean orangutans are endangered and only 3,000 to 4,500 individuals of the severely threatened subspecies Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus are left.  Two thousand of those live in the Batang Ai National Park and the Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary in Malaysia.

This article was featured in The Hindu –


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Top 7 Endangered Animals

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

A list that I recently found on the Pure Travel website listed the Top 7 most endangered animals on earth. They are:

Polar Bear
Marine Turtles
Giant Panda

Although there are several sub-species among these seven, many of the sub-species are endangered.  Basically, there is no single species that does not have at least one sub-species that qualifies as endangered.

Currently, Eye Help Animals supports the Gorilla, Orangutan, Giant Panda, and Polar Bear. Our third collection will be coming out soon and will include the Rhinoceros, Leatherback Turtle, and Snow Leopard.

Our goal at Eye Help Animals is to support all wildlife – our third collection is focused on saving many of our endangered species.  Look for our 3rd Wildlife Eye collection coming in 2013!

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25% of our profits are donated to wildlife conservation and habitat preservation organizations worldwide.