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Wildlife Conservation and Habitat Preservation

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

It’s important to recognize that these two activities are inextricably linked. Humans, as a species, cannot hope to accomplish one without also acknowledging the importance of the other.  If we continue our destruction of wildlife habitat — such as the clearing of land in the tropical rainforest for the raising of cattle or agriculture — then we are effectively consigning wildlife to an existence only within zoos and captive breeding programs.  In our opinion, this is not the same as wildlife in its natural habitat.  Although we may be able to conserve species in this manner, they will certainly lose their designation as wildlife.  In fact, there is little difference between this type of animal conservation and that of domesticated species — other than the fact that we may not eat the so-called wild species saved in this fashion.

Somehow, we need to realize that in order for wildlife to be truly considered wild, it necessarily follows that it must be allowed to coexist with humans in its natural, or wild, habitat.  Although great strides have been made in the humane treatment and the living conditions of wild animals kept in captivity, they are still captive.  We do not discount the wonderful educational and research opportunities for gaining knowledge about our planet’s wildlife that zoos and aquariums offer.  And, in fact, they provide the means for individuals to see firsthand many species that they would otherwise never have the opportunity to see in the wild. However, in order for wildlife to fulfill its natural purpose of enriching our planets biodiversity — simply by its sheer act of existing — we must also make the connection that only when species can live in their original and unaltered habitat can they be considered truly wild.

This is exactly why we support both wildlife conservation and habitat preservation as part of our mission and vision.  For it is only by accomplishing both that mankind can claim to be living in peaceful coexistence with wildlife — where both mankind and wildlife equally represent the full richness of biodiversity that is the natural state of our planet.

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