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Top 7 Endangered Animals

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

A list that I recently found on the Pure Travel website listed the Top 7 most endangered animals on earth. They are:

Polar Bear
Marine Turtles
Giant Panda

Although there are several sub-species among these seven, many of the sub-species are endangered.  Basically, there is no single species that does not have at least one sub-species that qualifies as endangered.

Currently, Eye Help Animals supports the Gorilla, Orangutan, Giant Panda, and Polar Bear. Our third collection will be coming out soon and will include the Rhinoceros, Leatherback Turtle, and Snow Leopard.

Our goal at Eye Help Animals is to support all wildlife – our third collection is focused on saving many of our endangered species.  Look for our 3rd Wildlife Eye collection coming in 2013!

Gorilla Wildlife Eyes Collectible Pin   $4.95
25% of our profits are donated to wildlife conservation and habitat preservation organizations worldwide.


Mermaids and Wildlife Saved from Navy Sonic Testing

Monday, March 18th, 2013

On March 8th, 2013, the NY Times published an article by the Associated Press: California Regulators Reject Navy Offshore Training. The article pertains to the Navy insisting that their sonic and explosives training would not have an effect on our sea life. Bogus! Thankfully, the Navy lost this argument and the regulators found that it could be, in fact, detrimental to our endangered mammals such as the blue, fin, and beaked whales. This reminded me of a documentary I saw on The Discovery Channel entitled “Mermaids” chronicling mass whale, sea life, and mermaid beachings caused by Navy Sonar Testing. This is not new and it is clearly dangerous.

OC- Natalie Kelley

Stop the Buying…Stop the Killing

Friday, March 8th, 2013

While searching the internet for an interesting article concerning wildlife conservation, I came across an unusual ad that ran during an Oklahoma City Thunder – New York Knicks game Thursday night.  The ad featured center for the Knicks, Tyson Chandler. It was only a 30 second spot but it paralleled the elephant in his habitat alongside the basketball players in theirs. It showed piles of elephant tusks that had been cut off the elephant carcasses.  The message was simple, as Tyson said, “Please support conservation, never buy products made from ivory…because when the buying stops, the killing can, too”.

Eye Help Animals supports wildlife around the world – when you purchase an Eye Help Animals wildlife collectible pin, 25% of the profits are donated to wildlife conservation and habitat preservation organizations. Purchase an elephant pin for $4.95. Other products are available for purchase.

African Elephant Eye

Eye Help Animals Elephant Eye Collectible Pin