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Eye Want to be Green

Friday, May 28th, 2010

I was recently looking through some old (1980’s) books I have on saving the planet and decided that would be a great new column to have on our home page and in our blog. The name for the column, like so many other names that we’ve come up with for Eye Help Animals, came to me in a flash. So many people, as well as businesses, are talking about things they can do to save our planet, mostly by going “green”. I’ve also written about being green in our business as well as in our lives at home in past Eyes Alive newsletters.

The difference between this column and past articles I’ve written will be more focused on the impact we have on the animal kingdom. Everyone must know that the things we are doing, like cutting down the rainforest, ultimately affects us as well as many species of animals. But I think when people know about the little things they do everyday and how changing a simple act, especially one that we often do unconsciously, can have a great impact on the environment and the lives of many animals.

So that is what this column is about, making little changes. Becoming more conscious and more aware of how changing one behavior can save so many lives. And I’m not talking about just wildlife here, although that is always my concern. So many things that we do that hurts wildlife, that hurts the environment, in the long run, also hurts us. Consider making these changes for wildlife, for the planet, for your children. Most of them are simple and very easy to do. Most of them only take a conscious moment. And then once you’ve thought about it, about how easy it is to do, and how good it feels to be a part of the solution, from that moment on it becomes unconscious. But this time your unconscious thought is for the good of wildlife, the planet, for you and your family.