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Laconia, NH

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Eye Help Animals Cofounder Jim Fontaine at Laconia Bike Week in NH

Cofounder of Eye Help Animals (wearing his Wildlife Eyes T-Shirt and Bengal Tiger Eye embroidered hat, of course!) at an event in Laconia during NH’s famous Bike Week.

A Win-Win Partnership

Friday, June 12th, 2009
Wild Animal Eye Collectible Pin

Loon Preservation Committee Partners with Eye Help Animals, LLC

DJ and I have always known that Eye Help Animals is the right thing for us.
Because we are working from our passions, the energy and excitement never wanes.

We were recently contacted by Alisoun Hodges, the Development Coordinator of the Loon Preservation Committee (  She wanted to know, “How can the Loon Preservation Committee be a part of what you’re doing?”  DJ and I immediately knew that one of who you’ll hear us refer to as “our peoplehad found us!

Whether by chance or by fate (or, as we believe, by the law of attraction) a Loon Center employee noticed someone wearing one of our Bald Eagle Wildlife Eye Collectible Pins. Out of curiosity the employee asked where this person had gotten their pin.  The individual wearing our Bald Eagle Pin (unknown to us) told the Loon Center employee about Eye Help Animals.
The Loon Center employee in turn told Alisoun about the pin and Eye Help Animals and Alisoun found us through a web search on Google.  Alisoun was astonished to learn that were also located in New Hampshire and called us.  And, the rest, as they say, is history!  After an initial telephone conversation that I had with Alisoun, DJ and I set up an appointment to meet with Alisoun and Rachel Williams at the Loon Center in Moultonborough, NH.  We related our Mission and Vision and things were set in motion for the creation of a special edition of our Wildlife Eye Collectible Pins featuring the striking eye of the Common Loon.

Although the Common Loon is not considered an endangered species on a global scale, locally, in the State of New Hampshire, it is considered threatened.

The Loon Preservation Committee has spent 35 years protecting the loon and preserving habitat in New Hampshire.  We are proud, excited, and honored to partner with a local organization that is so strongly aligned with our Mission and Vision.  Please visit to find out more about this wonderful organization and their efforts to save and protect the loon.  “Saving wildlife together! is exactly what our partnership with the Loon Preservation Committee is all about.

This article appeared in the May issue of our Eyes Alive Newsletter.

Share Your Photos with Us!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

We’d like YOU to share your photos with us! Please send photos of yourself, your family, your friends, etc. wearing any of our products and please tell us who’s in the photo and where it was taken! If you don’t want to share the who, that’s OK, but please tell us the where! Our goal is to share photos from our supporters, Special Partners, and SWaT Team Members from every state! Please send your photos to: