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Through Our Eyes is the official blog of EyeHelpAnimals.com

The owners and co-founders of EyeHelpAnimals.com, the husband and wife team of Jim Fontaine & DJ Geribo, want to share their passion about helping to save wildlife and wild places with everyone.  It’s their belief that by promoting a world that is rich in biodiversity, it will be a healthier, happier, and far better place for this, our own, and future generations in which to live.  If you find yourself feeling like “What does it matter?  How can I make a difference, I’m just one person?” you are not alone.  But, by sharing our passion with you, hopefully you will be inspired to tell others about what we, just two people, are doing and thereby we can all make a difference together.

Send us your photos!

We’d like YOU to share your photos with us! Please send photos of yourself, your family, your friends, etc. wearing any of our products and please tell us who’s in the photo and where it was taken! If you don’t want to share the who, that’s OK, but please tell us the where! Our goal is to share photos from our supporters, Special Partners, and SWaT Team Members from every state! Please send your photos to: eyelookcool@eyehelpanimals.com

You can see the photos in our ‘Eye Look Cool’ category!