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Black Panther Sighting

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Image of Black PantherWe recently received an email from a customer who told us that while walking on her property, she spotted what she was sure was a black panther. She was, understandably, a bit unnerved, especially since this is near her home and she has grandchildren and pets who walk through her woods, as well. She was concerned, also, about telling too many people in case a ‘trophy hunter’ found out about it – she was mindful of the animal’s safety, too. She asked us for advice as to who she should inform and wanted to know our thoughts on this. Jim wrote back to her, thanking her for sharing her story with us, and recommended that although she may never see this animal again since sightings of black panthers are rare, he suggested that she should still use caution and never walk alone at night and keep her grandchildren and pets close to home, and she should contact the Northern Jaguar Project for guidance and more information. Sharing our land with nature and wildlife is something we always advocate. People need to be aware of the dangers when they decide to reside in some of the few remaining areas where endangered species live.