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Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

One hour without power.  How easy is that?

At 8:30PM EST, we turned off the main circuit breaker in our home to participate in Earth Hour.  The idea is simplicity in itself, but it can have a big impact when millions and possibly even billions of people and businesses around the world participate.

Earth Hour began in one city, in one country in 2007, when more than 2.2 million households and businesses in Sydney turned off their lights for one hour on Saturday 31, Saturday 2007.

In 2008, Earth Hour reached 370 cities and towns in more than 35 countries across 18 time zones, which prompted an estimated 50 to 100 million people around the world to switch off their lights for Earth Hour 2008 when global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, Rome’s Coliseum, the Coke billboard in Times Square New York and Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, darkened for one hour.

The campaign has now become a global sustainability movement.

We’re going to have our own ‘hour without power’ on a monthly basis from now on.  It's a small act, but we believe all great things are accomplished by the cumulative effect of many small actions.